History & Mission

For 10 years Suchada Thai Massage has successfully operated as a healing arts business offering Traditional Thai Massage in its three San Francisco locations. Founding CEO — Pratapjai “Apple” Duangpatra — a native of Chaing Mai, Thailand, long desired to create a local school in the Bay Area where people could study for careers in Traditional Thai Massage. Building on her educational and work experiences in Chaing Mai, as well as locally, she opened the Bodhi Panya Institute.

Bodhi Panya Institute offers authentic, high-quality training in Traditional Thai Massage—as practiced in Thailand—in a program that is deeply rooted in Traditional Thai massage of centuries past. Our mission is to provide quality training and affordable education enabling students to perform Thai massage sequences that run 60, 90 and 120 minutes long.

  • Students will be able to comprehend and verbally articulate the contents of traditional Thai massage, e.g. Sen lines, yoga stretches, breath support, use of aromatherapy, use of topical, herbal lotions and creams, as well as hot herbal packs and their applications, among other things.
  • Students will learn how to choose which therapeutic oils to apply for certain health issues, such as stress, sore muscles, among many others. This also applies to aromatherapy oils that are heated by candles that fill the air surrounding a client with therapeutic healing properties.
  • Students will learn self-care that helps protect them against injury while on the job, such as body mechanics that help to alleviate lower back strain, or repetitive stress issues in the hands.
  • Students will gain knowledge in pathology that aids them in identifying health and hygiene problems, massage contraindications and how to address problems with the various massage therapies they are learning.
  • Students will learn business practices and proper client-therapist ethics that will help them thrive as employees or business owners should they choose those routes post-graduation.

Admission to the Bodhi Panya Institute requires a high school diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.) and an interest in learning Traditional Thai Massage. Our goal is to prepare and graduate highly trained practitioners in Traditional Thai massage who are qualified and well-prepared for a career in the field of massage.

The Bodhi Panya Institute is licensed to operate in compliance with state standards as set forth by the California Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education, Department of Consumer Affairs.