Admission Policies

Applicants must have a High-School Diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.)

Applicants must be fluent in English

Applicants must be 18 years old, or older






All instruction takes place in English and students must, at a minimum, be able to read, write and speak English fluently. We do not currently offer an admission option for students who do not possess a high school diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.). Applicants must demonstrate the ability to fulfill program requirements through the admissions interview process.

Admission Checklist

  • Fluency in English: conversational, reading, writing.
  • Age Requirement: 18 and older
  • Education: H.S. diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.)
  • Successfully completing the Application for Admission form.
  • Interview with the Chief Academic Officer
  • Pay the required program tuition amounts and other relevant program fees (if applicable).

Language proficiency

The language of instruction at Bodhi Panya Institute is English, and educational programs are taught in no other language at this time. Bodhi Panya Institute does not provide English language services such as ESL training, and determines English language proficiency through the prospective student interview process conducted prior to admission.

International students

Bodhi Panya Institute does NOT currently participate in federal programs that authorize a school to accept international students for training. We are NOT able to assist international students with acquiring a student visa.


Recognition of credits transferred from other institutions

Upon enrollment, the student will be asked to list any previous education, training, or experience related to the proposed field of training (experiential learning). If relevant training is sufficiently thorough and relevant, and adequately performed as evidenced by passing grades on an official transcript or through other means in the discretion of Bodhi Panya Institute, appropriate credit may be allowed in the sole discretion of Bodhi Panya Institute, pending proper documentation and proof of study. Specifically, in order to qualify for transfer credit, the prior education must evidence a grade point average of at least 3.0 or equivalent from an approved institution.

Award for prior credit is typically provided at no additional tuition cost to the student, but is assessed on an individual basis in the sole discretion of Bodhi Panya Institute. Tuition adjustments for transferred credit will be based on the clock hour value of the program tuition charged. Financial credit will be equal to the hours transferred multiplied by the tuition per-hour for the program of study at Bodhi Panya Institute less books, registration, and Student Tuition Recovery Fund fees (when applicable).

Bodhi Panya Institute does not grant credit for professional experience, non-credit classes, or classes or programs completed from institutions not recognized by the state of California or an appropriate accrediting bureau recognized by the Department of Education or by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

Bodhi Panya Institute has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other school, college or university.